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  • 2023 Renown Flatbed Tandem

    Prestige Trailers’ Renown combo flatbeds merge the strength of steel with the low maintenance and lightweight benefits of aluminum. The result is a platform trailer that balances durability and weight efficiency, setting new standards within the industry. Walkthrough Video Winches This particular trailer is equipped with a sliding winch track that runs the entire length….

  • 2023 Prestige Sand King

    Built on the basis of one of the most well-regarded trailers on the road today, the all-new Sand King by Prestige Trailers was redesigned from the ground up specifically to haul dry sand and saves you time by delivering quick and easy cleanout while maximizing compatibility with many different conveyor setups. Walkthrough Video Single Hopper…

  • 2023 Prestige Brilliance Drop Deck

    Prestige’s Brilliance series is for those looking for strength and longevity in a lightweight, low-maintenance trailer. Brilliance trailers bring the latest in lightweight trailer design and manufacturing techniques to the open road–all backed by the best name in the industry. Walkthrough Video The Brilliance series has been on the market for many years and is…